Year 6

9th November 2018

This week Year 6 have been learning about addition of fractions in Mathematics. It’s been challenging but everyone has persevered and made excellent progress. In English, we have been practising the skills linked to report writing and researching our topic areas for the non-chronological reports we will produce next week. 

In topic, we have been learning about Viking longhouses. We created a home advertisement for a longhouse for sale using lots of descriptive language. On Tuesday, the classroom kitchen paid us a visit. We played some games to develop our fitness and learned about nutrition. We even had the opportunity to prepare and cook our own Jambalaya which was excellent. It’s been a busy but interesting week!


2nd November 2018

This week Year 6 have been reading a range of non-chronological reports in preparation for writing our own reports on the Vikings in a couple of weeks. In Maths we have started our work on fractions and have been focusing on factors, multiples and simplifying fractions by finding the highest common factor. 
In topic, we have been researching the city of York and looking at Viking artefacts that have been discovered there. In science, we have started our work on animals including humans and have been looking at the human circulatory system - focusing on the function of the lungs.