Come along to our next 'Healthy Eating' event organised by our Pastoral Support Team 

We will be having a variety of 'stalls' including drinking water, teeth, smoothies, keeping healthy

Please ask at the office for a full range of activities available at school or check the diary on the homepage

Please complete our questionnaire

Healthy Evening Questionnaire analysis 

 We are a Healthy School and were the first school to achieve re-accreditation in 2010 and updated for 2011

 We encourage sporting activities.

We encourage healthier eating.

We encourage children to bring in water bottles.

We encourage a healthy lifestyle.  

 School Clubs - 

Multisports each Monday

Multisports Club each Tuesday

Swimming each Wednesday

Dance each Thursday

Football Training each Thursday

We have had:




Girls' football

Mr Duncalf - Hawkley Support

Bowling at St Aidans

Try Something New - What's your favourite fruit?

Life Caravan

More outdoor play resources courtesy of Sainsbury vouchers collected

Democracy Y6 - Councillor Challenge - ask your local Councillor Questions - Who won the vote?

International Week - Zumba fitness

Walk to School Week October 2012

WOW - Walk Once a Week courtesey of Manchester Living Streets - every Friday to earn badges

Healthy Lifestyles Talk KS1

Anti-Bullying Assembly with our School Council 14th November 2012 - Words CAN Hurt as well as eSafety assemblies 


Road Safety Activities with Janet Fazackerley

Our Local Fireman 

Sports Day 2013

Olympic Week July 2012 

We now have a weekly school dinner day so that children who usually have a packed lunch can sample our healthy school dinners.

Momo Theatre - The Man from the Council

Road Safety Play for Y6 at Worsley Mesnes CP School 22nd March 2011 

Fire Safety

Keep Healthy / Stay Safe Week

During the week each class had an aerobic session, exotic fruits and road safety visits.

KS1 + Everton Football Club Session

Thursday 20th January 2011 

Road Safety Activities 2010

with Janet Fazackerley from Wigan Council 

Walk to School Weeks

Class winners of the Golden Boot this Autumn were Y2

prizes donated by Andy Allen from Wigan Council 

Street Dancing 8th October 2010

During our International Week 

Skip2bfit day September 2010

All children in school had a Skip2bfit lesson

School winner was Sean with Mrs Hitchen our staff star

Samples of blueberries were given to all children in school to sample 

                           Playtime resources courtesy of Sainsburys Vouchers                   

We now have a playtime resource bag for both Ks1 & Ks2 

School Trips in the Community -

DW Stadium 

World Cup Event June 2010

~Andy Duncalf from Hawkley Hall arranged inter-school competitions-  

We also held various World Cup themed school dinners during June and July 2010 


All parents welcome

-Sporting Awards

Even staff received a sporting award for aerobics during our awards assembly in July 2010 

Be Healthy and Stay Safe Week

22nd February 2010 

Each year group will be working on a specific 'stay safe' task including a range of safety aspects both in and out of school.

Walk to school passports and stickers are available to participating children.  The most successful class will receive the 'Golden Boot' and there is a prize for each class winner.

Our PTA are providing us with a range of exotic fruits to sample.

We are being visited by our Community Police Officer, our Road Safety Officer and the School Nurse who will tell us about either

'Staying Safe' or 'Keeping Healthy'.

Money Week with Yorkshire Bank


See some of the things that we have been doing to keep our school a 'Healthy School'


Where we talk about healthy lifestyles...


Try something new and exotic..... 


Many parents attended and were given the opportunity to ask searching questions and discuss our Healthy School Policy, along with our Whole School Food Policy. These are available on request. The policy demonstrates our commitment to improving the Health of Children - a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Some of the key points we discussed in our policy were:

We prefer children not to bring fizzy drinks in their lunchbox
We would prefer children to drink fruit juice or water
We prefer children not to bring sweets & chocolate in the lunchbox
We would prefer children to bring fruit, yoghurts, wafer biscuits
We prefer that children do not bring into school sweets to celebrate their birthday but instead explore other items, eg sharing a story/poem, giving stickers, a small game for class, a skipping rope for breaktime etc

Many thanks to Galloways for donating a reusable birthday cake to be used during KS1 class assemblies to celebrate birthdays. Children are encouraged to bring birthday treats in other than sweets or cakes.


Many thanks to all the parents who recently returned completed questionnaires that we hope helped in choosing food for your child's lunch box.  This information has been passed on to our school cook Michelle.

All children throughout schools in Wigan were given the chance to enter this competition in conjunction with Wigan & Leigh Health Authority. The design had to incorporate all  6  steps to creating a healthy lunchbox. Three entries were chosen from our school to be entered in the final.
One of the overall winners was from our School - Leah in Year 5 - her entry is now on the 6 steps to a healthy lunchbox leaflet that has been distributed to all schools.  Please ask if you would like a copy.  

Food sampling...

Many thanks to the parents who attended our 'food sampling' evening  with our school cook to encourage the uptake of our healthy school dinners. 


Our kitchen provides healthy school meals and in order to share this we are organising special 'theme meals' during the Spring and Summer terms

Please contact Mrs Cooke in the school office if you would like your child to have a special themed dinner

A taste of Italy.. 


Please ensure that you child brings their water bottles home every day.


Thanks to everyone who recently took part in one of our regular 'walk to school' weeks.

We will be sending out 'walk to school' questionnaires this term in order to update our school travel plan for 2010... 


Please contact school if you would like your child to take part in any of our before and after school activities. 

During the week of 8th February 2010 61% of our children participated in an additional sporting activity.  


If you have any worries in helping your child maintain a 'healthy lifestyle' then please contact school where we can guide you to the appopriate help.