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At St Paul’s, we believe music is vital as it enables children to gain a broad, well balance education and allows children to develop their imagination and creativity.

We deliver a high-quality music education that engages pupils and inspires them to develop their love of music and talents as musicians. Music enriches the lives of individuals and groups and, consequently, we believe this will increase self-confidence and give the pupils a sense of achievement.  

St Paul’s music curriculum reflects our diverse society through the pieces we select and share with the children in music lessons, during our collective worships and music played around school. Musicians and music from a range or backgrounds, cultures and heritages are carefully selected to inspire our children. We focus on nine key musical concepts of: pulserhythmpitchdynamicstempotimbrestructuretexture and notation.

Music classes are taught weekly and our Key Stage 2 children are taught to play the guitar and Ukulele as well as investigate famous composers and genres.

Our Christian values are an important part of our learning, including music with values such as resilience, engagement and equality,  supporting children to reach their potential.