Information for Parents

Further information can be found on our website and within our School Handbook.


Children are admitted to school from 8.50am and registration takes place at 8.55am. The school day begins promptly at 9.00am.

Children arriving after 8.55am will only be able to enter the building through the main entrance and must report to the school office. This will be recorded as ‘late after the register has closed’ and impacts the child’s attendance.

Lateness sets the day off to a poor start for pupils and staff, prevents lessons from beginning promptly and creates extra administrative burden for our office staff. Most importantly, it can be a negative experience for children and they can find it quite embarrassing, so please help us by ensuring that your child arrives on time.

End of the School Day

Parents / carers should arrive in plenty of time to collect their children. KS1 and reception children finish their day at 3.15pm and KS2 children at 3.20pm.

It is advised that all children are collected by a responsible adult. Children in year 5 and year 6 will be allowed to walk home unsupervised but this is at the discretion of parents / carers.

Children who are not collected on time will be escorted to the school office and await their parent /carer.

Children attending after school clubs should be collected promptly from the school office at the end of the session.


The school car park must not be used when dropping off or collecting children. The car park is for staff and official visitors only. If you require use of the car park for a specific reason please speak to a member of the office staff.

We politely request that consideration is given to our neighbours when parking in the streets around school. Please ensure that driveways are left clear and not used for turning.


Uniform can be purchased from Slaters, Tesco Online, AC Sports and Westar. 




Skirt / Pinafore Dress

Trousers (winter only)

Polo Shirt



Summer Dress



Hair Accessories/ Bobbles




Polo Shirt







St. Paul’s Design with School Badge

Mid Grey

Mid Grey

White Polo Shirt

Plain White


Red Gingham

Flat ,Black, Grey, Red or White

White, Red, Black, Grey

White, Red, Black, Grey


St. Paul’s Design with School Badge

Mid Grey

White Polo Shirt

Plain White

Black, Red, White

School colours



For reasons of safety, health and hygiene, all children need to change for Physical Education.  Each child should have:

Dance/Gymnastics/Infant Games (KS1 and KS2)

‘T’ shirt in house colour, Shorts (black or white), Pumps (black), PE bag (in house colour).

Junior Games/Athletics/Outdoor

Sweatshirt in house colour, Jogging pants, Trainers or football boots, Swimming Kit (Y3).

Please name all items of uniform


For reasons of health and safety the wearing of all jewellery is not permitted. Wristwatches are allowed.  If your child wishes to have their ears pierced we ask that you do this at the beginning of the summer break.  This will provide sufficient time for “healing”.  If the “healing process” has not taken place by the beginning of term, ears MUST be covered by plasters and then removed as soon as possible.


We are proud of our school uniform and trust that pupil’s hairstyles remain at all times appropriate.  If pupils dye their hair or have it cut in an extreme style, they may be asked to return home to amend their hair or in extreme cases be excluded.


We are committed to protecting our pupils from accessing unsuitable material on the internet and cyber-bullying. Our children are taught regularly about e-safety and we have systems to monitor all computer use in school.

Parents / carers have a duty to protect their children from the negative aspects of the internet, in particular, the use of internet chat rooms and social media. The guidelines for most social media sites state that they are not suitable for children under the age of 13, therefore primary school children should not have access to the likes of Facebook and Instagram. We strongly advise that parents only allow children internet access in areas of the house where their online activities can be monitored by an adult.

For further information on keeping your child safe please visit  or contact a member of the pastoral team.


In March 2015 all children participated in our anti-bullying week. Children experienced a range of activities to discuss this sensitive and serious issue. All staff were trained in the ‘Staged Seven Steps Approach’ which is Wigan Council’s model for dealing with bullying.

If you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact a member of the pastoral team.

Free School Meals

All children in reception, year 1 and year 2 benefit from universal free school meals.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits it is advisable that you apply for free school meals (even if your child is in reception, year 1 or year 2) as your child could be entitled to additional support within school. If you would like some advice or guidance on this matter please contact a member of the pastoral team. 


If your child is unwell please inform the school office by 9.15am. We endeavour to check all registers by 9.30am and telephone the parents / carers of any child who is absent without notification.

Attendance and punctuality are monitored on a regular basis and when necessary contact is made with parents / carers.  The Department of Education regards 95% as the acceptable level of attendance and a child with unauthorised attendance below 90% (the equivalent of half a day absence per week) is regarded as a persistent absentee. If you require further information on the guidance provided by the Department of Education and Wigan Council, please contact a member of the pastoral team.

Leave in Term Time

Holidays in term time will not be authorised. If an absence is required, in exceptional circumstances, please request a form from the school office.

Health appointments should wherever possible be made out of school hours. If an appointment in school time is absolutely necessary, the school office should be informed as soon as possible and the appointment letter provided.


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