Tuesday 9th February - Save the date! 

Plans for a Safer Internet 2016 will take place during the second week of February as well as a parent session on Tuesday 9th February.   There will be an assembly and the children will have various eSafety activities to do as part of PSHE in class.

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Internet Safety Letter to Parents 2016

Online Safety Presentation 2016

Computing Policy 2015 (pending)


Internet Use and Online Safety Policy 2015 

Children's Online Safety Objectives 

St Paul's eSafety Rules and consent 

Social Networking Letter for Parents 2015 

Online Safety Handout for Parents 2015 

Safeguarding your child online Letter for Parents  2014



Curriculum Structure

Our aim is to help ensure all children have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, experiences and competencies in accordance with the DfE and new technology.  We also aim to enhance aspects of our spritual, moral, social and cultural learning as well as promote online safety.

Our Computing curriculum has been broken down during 2014/15 into 3 main areas of computing.  

Digital Literacy/Information Technology/Computer Science

Our Computing Curriculum policy will be updated accordingly during 2015/16 

During our Computing time in the ICT Suite we will now be exploring the following topics:

Reception mouse skills, typing skills and recognising letters, familiarity with programs and other technologies, Online Safety  

Year 1- Computers at home/What is an algorithm?/Music & Art/Using 2DIY to build simple games /eBooks/BeeBot1 for control

Year 2- Computers at work/Using 2DIY to make games/Animation/What is a Blog?/Creating Graphs/BeeBot2 for control

  Year 3 - Touch Typing/First Hour of Code/Introducing Kodu for gamemaking/LegoWeDo models/Digital Photography/Music/Branching Databases

Year 4 Kodu gamemaking/Code/Logo graphics for control/Branching Databases/Can we create an App?/Animation(Powerpoints)

Year 5-  Internet & SafeSearching/Introducing Scratch /Google Sketchup designs/Flowol for control/AnimateIt/Look at Web Design&Apps (Powerpoints)

Year 6- Web Design&HTML Code + Apps&Podcasts/Spreadsheets/What is Chroma Key?/Programming using Scratch/(Powerpoints)

Using the internet, Creating & Publishing & Online Safety will be ongoing throughout the year within class