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Our vision for history is to give our pupils a sound knowledge of the history of our country and the different elements from history which have shaped the way it has developed over the centuries.  Our aim is for children to build up their historical vocabulary and to retain important facts relating to the subject that they are studying.  In doing so, children will develop an appreciation and understanding of the past, evaluating a range of primary and secondary sources. Our historians will also be able to explain clearly how these sources give us an insight about how people around the world used to live and how these interpretations may differ. Pupils will be taught to make links between these areas of learning, with the aim of developing engaged, motivated and curious learners that can reflect on the past and make meaningful links to the present day.  Our historians will learn historical concepts such as monarchy, civilisation which are mapped out throughout the curriculum. As Wigan was greatly influenced by the Industrial revolution, our pupils will carry out local history investigations into mining in KS1 and the effect of the Industrial revolution on a wider scale (KS2).. Our History curriculum has been designed to cover all of the skills, knowledge and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum.

To fit in with the Curriculum of Grace, pupils learn:

  • The Christian belief system and examine different belief systems.
  • How resilience can bring about change
  • Significant people in history who were aspirational
  • The use of ambitious , subject specific vocabulary to articulate themselves
  • How History can be interesting and engaging and how it has shaped the world we live in.



In the EYFS, History is taught within the specific area of “Understanding the World”. The children are supported in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that helps them to make sense of the world through a carefully designed curriculum. 

The pupils are encouraged to talk about their families and past and present events in their lives. They begin to gain knowledge and understanding of the world through:

  • Photographs/artefacts
  • Listening to stories and memories of older people
  • Role play activities •

 Discussing events in the past and their own personal lives

  • Sequencing events to gain a sense of time.