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our next eSafety assembly and parent session will be during Spring 2016

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Web Links

Site title Description
Google Safesearch A recommended website for children to use a search engine independently.
Our School only lets children use Google for kids and NEVER uses chatrooms.
If you use Google at home for images please make sure that child filters are in place and that you have no popups allowed.
ThinkuKnow eSafety site which is used within school lessons and linked on the VLE

Maths is Fun Another great Maths revision site especially for our year 6 groups leading up to SATS

Ofsted's Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell what you think about your child’s school.  Simply provide your email address and create a password.

Tesco Uniforms  Click the link to the Tesco website.

Hawkley Hall High School Click here to view our local Secondary School

Cool Milk This is the link to the Cool Milk site to that you can order milk for your child at school

Deanery High School Click here to go directly to one of our local Secondary Schools

History Net This site contains some fantastic historical photographs, written accounts and information. This is a site to look at with older children who will be able to understand the text.

How Stuff Works All the everyday stuff around us that we take for granted, answers to how it all works are here. Great site for kids & grown ups alike, more links there to other knowledge sites.

KidsClick A library of information.
Click here to guide your children to stores of information.

 Family Learning Phonics games and links

Ofsted The Goverment's Ofsted database of school reports. See how we compare!

Oxford Reading Tree By visiting this site, you're about to discover what makes Oxford Reading Tree the nation's favourite reading scheme, and what its huge range of resources can offer you.

Parents Centre A resource for parents to find out about education today. Find out how your child is taught, how they are tested, how schools are monitored and lots more.

POWERPOINT Tutorial Y6 recommend this Microsoft Powerpoint tutorial.

Prim-Ed NUMERO is an exciting and challenging new number card game from Prim-Ed Publishing. Suitable for ages 6 years to adult.

Revision guides and Workbooks CGP produce an extensive range of top quality GCSE, KS3, KS2, KS1 and A-Level Revision guides and Workbooks - supplied to you at the best possible prices.

Road Safety Learn about road safety in your area.

Ruiru Orphanage Link to our School Council's chosen charity to learn more

SATS Revision Try the Beeb's excellent site fo SAT's revision.

Science The 24-hour exploding laboratory! This is a must for anyone interested in science. The site is split into three main areas labs, library and, the best part, ask a scientist. A real life scientist will answer any questions about science!

Sesame Street The address - Sesame Street. Meet Big Bird, Oscar and the gang at this, brightly coloured, site. This is a fun packed site for children of all ages. Games, stories, art, even music to sing along with. This is a street you will find yourself returning to again and again.

Skip2bfit Have a look at the Skip2bfit site

St Paul's Church Here is the link to our local church. Please contact Neil for further information.

Walk To School Learn about this year's Walk to School initiative.

WORD Tutorial Y6 recommend this Microsoft Word tutorial.

Yahooligans A web guide for children. This is a useful site for children 7+ who are interested in the world around them. Children can read the latest news. sports reports or just learn a new joke. If your P.C is used primarily by children, this is an ideal homepage.